Meat and Plant-based Protein

Reepack offers a variety of packaging solutions for the meat and plant-based protein industries

Vacuum Chamber

Our line of high quality vacuum chamber packaging machines feature stainless steel construction and an easy to use operator interface. These models are also capable of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP).

Whether you are in need of small run testing prior to new product launch, or you routinely package as part of a large-scale processing operation, we have vacuum chamber machines available that will fit your needs.

Reepack Vacuum Chamber Packaging Models available:

  • Single Chamber Vacuum Chamber Machine (Tabletop or Mobile Stand)
  • Double Chamber Vacuum Chamber Machine
  • Automatic Belted Vacuum Chamber Machine

Tray Sealer

Our line of tray sealing packaging machines fit a wide variety of case-ready packaging needs.

Whether you are in need of a small run testing prior to new product launch, or you routinely produce packaging as part of a large-scale processing operation, there are tray sealer machines available that will specifically suit your needs. Reepack tray sealers are designed for your growing market offering a strong and efficient solution for your tray sealing and vacuum skin pack applications.


From entry-level to flexible and compact models up to high performance machines processing flexible and rigid film, with different thickness for several film width, forming depth and cut-off lenght.

The machine frame and covers are all made of stainless steel for maximum robustness and easier sanitization and cleaning. Furthermore, an easily openable structure allows access, control and possible repair of all parts of the machine. All of the system is located inside the machine frame and protected from any potential damage.

An user-friendly HMI controller provides the operators with an easy setting and recording of different programs. Freely programmable movements result in maximum flexibility with respect to different formats and products.

Flow Wrap

Reepack's line of high quality horizontal flow wrappers are available in four system styles to best meet your application needs. Rotary motion is ideal for high output with bakery products, produce, or even non-food applications. Long-dwell system provides guaranteed hermetic sealing also with barrier films and MAP. Box-motion is ideal for long or tall products such as large cuts of proteins. 4-side sealing is for sliced deli or cheese products packaged at high production output.