Tray Sealer

Our line of tray sealing packaging machines fit a wide variety of case-ready packaging needs.

Whether you are in need of a small run testing prior to new product launch, or you routinely produce packaging as part of a large-scale processing operation, there are tray sealer machines available that will specifically suit your needs. Reepack tray sealers are designed for your growing market offering a strong and efficient solution for your tray sealing and vacuum skin pack applications.

Our automatic tray sealers can be integrated with other Reepack Complementary Equipment for a more complete and efficient packaging line, including:

  • Tray loading and unloading conveyor belts
  • Automatic tray denester
  • Automatic product feeders
  • Measuring devices
  • Snap-on lid device
  • Labelers and coders

Reepack's automatic tray sealing product line is equipped with two different tray transport system types: pusher rods and grippers. These machines are suitable for all levels of productivity: small, medium and high performance.

Learn more about our tray sealing packaging machine options by contacting us today with any inquiries.

Semi-Automatic Tray Sealer: Solid Sealing, Modified Atmosphere package (MAP), Vacuum Skin package (VSP)

Automatic tray sealing for small-medium sized processors. May be hand or robot-fed.

Medium/High output to be integrated in automatic tray packaging line

High output & performance to be integrated in packaging line or for special application