4-Side Sealing System

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The Reepack ReeFlow 4S flow wrapper introduces an innovative solution offering high quality, dependable performance, consumer convenience, and an eco-friendly packaging option for sliced deli meats and cheeses.

ReeFlow 4S presents a unique way to process different sliced portion of products. Its four-sided sealing technology revolutionizes the concept of fresh products packed in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP).

Producer Features & Benefits:

  • Minimal use and waste of packaging materials
  • High reduction of gas consumption (in MAP)
  • Ability to integrate with major automatic industrial slicers
  • User-friendly settings to adjust package sizes
  • High production output (up to 200 pcs/min)
  • Sliced products in one line
  • Ideal for space constrained environments
  • Ideal for single portion packaging

Consumer Features & Benefits:

  • Mono portions of sliced food ready to go
  • Easy-opening package
  • Low-cost & eco-friendly packages
  • Sustainable package-product ratio
  • Small Footprint

  • Stainless Steel Construction

  • High Output

  • MAP Packaging

  • Automatic Exit Belt

  • Patent Pending Transversal Sealing System

  • Adjustable Longitudinal Sealing Station

  • Fixed/Adjustable Folding Boxes

  • Printed Film Mark

  • No Product, No Bag

  • Second Heated Couple of Longitudinal Sealing Rolls

  • Additional Jaws

  • Gas Flushing System

  • Infeed Belt Conveyor

  • Upper Belt

  • Film Perforation System

  • Photocell for Variable Bag Length