Single Chamber Machines

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Ideal vacuum packaging solution to quickly and easily package small and medium sized products.

Reepack's line of semi-automatic vacuum chamber packaging machines are available as tabletop or wheeled frame models. These machines feature a fully stainless steel frame with a smooth surface and rounded outside edge, which allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. The transparent top open chamber lid allows the user to view the vacuum packaging process.

Once the top lid is shut, the Reepack single vacuum chamber machines will start automatically. The simple and easy to understand HMI can store up to nine saved programs which makes changeover between products just a few button clicks away.

The evacuation and gas flushing processes are pressure controlled, which helps guarantee repetitive packaging quality. Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is available as an option.

A shelved stainless steel trolley is available for tabletop models. This cart is able to store machine parts and vacuum bags for quick access during machine operation. The mobile frame models have moveable wheels with brakes to fix the machine in place.

Reepack Single Vacuum Chamber Packaging Machine Models and Key Differences
  • RV 100EFront Sealing Bar 310 mm; VP 12 m3/h
  • RV 150EFront Sealing Bar 450 mm; VP 20 m3/h
  • RV 200FFront Sealing Bar 500 mm; VP 20 m3/h
  • RV 200FBFront and Back Sealing Bar 500 mm; VP 20 m3/h
  • RV 400FFront Sealing Bar 520 mm; VP 63 m3/h
  • RV 400FBFront and Back Sealing Bars 520mm; VP 63 m3/h
  • RV 620RLRight and Left Sealing Bar 540 mm; VP 63 m3/h
  • RV 630 FLFront Sealing Bar 775 mm and Left 540 mm; VP 100 m3/h
  • Stainless Steel Construction

    Easy to clean in harsh environments

  • Transparent Lid

    Viewable vacuum process

  • HMI Recipe Storage

    Store up to nine programs for quick and easy product changeover

  • MAP Gas Flush System

  • Stainless Steel Trolley

    Pair with tabletop models for machine, part, and material storage and easy access

  • Plastic Filler Boards

  • Quick Vacuum Stop

  • Sever-seam Sealing

  • Soft-Air

  • Out-vac System

  • Liquid Filter

  • Inclined Stainless Steel Support