Automatic Tray Sealers: Mid-Range

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Discover the Reepack Mid-Range Automatic Tray Sealers. Designed to be fully customizable, these machines offer maximum flexibility adapting perfectly to any production requirement. The high level of washability and the rapid format changeover process make these models ideal for environments that need to manage different production batches, guaranteeing maximum efficiency without compromising hygiene and safety.

These machines offer the possibility of obtaining from 10 to 150 packs per minute. And the possibility of being configured for both Modified Atmosphere (MAP) and Skin (VSP) in a tray or on a cardboard.

All these models are suitable to work with any kind of heat-sealable material such as PP, PE, PS, C-PET, A-PET, Cardboard, Alu, and others.

Here are the most typical integrations:

• Different lengths and types of infeed for trays or cardboards

• Different lengths and types of outfeed for trays or cardboards

• Automatic tray denesters (integrated or stand-alone)

• Automatic snap-on lid applicators (integrated or stand-alone)

• Automatic loaders of solid products

• Automatic dosing systems for liquid or creamy products

• Marking or labelling systems

  • ReePro
  • ReeMatic 150
  • ReeMatic 250
  • Pusher Rod Tray Transport Systems

  • Touch Panel

  • Photocell for Printed Films

  • Liquid Filter and Powder

  • Support for Film Printing Device