Flow Wrap

Reepack's line of high quality horizontal flow wrappers are available in four system styles to best meet your application needs. Rotary motion is ideal for high output. Long-dwell provides guaranteed hermetic sealing. Box-motion is ideal for long or tall products such as large cuts of proteins. 4-side sealing is for sliced deli or cheese products packaged at high production output.

The Reepack flow wrappers can be hand or robot-loaded. Products may be loaded unsupported or on trays.

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The Reepack ReeFlow 50 and ReeFlow 100HS Rotary Motion Horizontal Flow Wrappers produce three sided seal packages. Both models are available with top or bottom film unwind, standard or wide versions.

The ReeFlow 200 is the horizontal flow wrapper for fresh food in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) offering high production capacity guaranteed quality hermetic seals.

The Reepack ReeFlow 300 box motion flow wrappers are ideal for packaging large and heavy products such as meat cuts, poultry, and cheese, in pillow bag, flow bag, in shrink, and MAP.

The Reepack ReeFlow 4S flow wrapper introduces an innovative solution offering high quality, dependable performance, consumer convenience, and an eco-friendly packaging option for sliced deli meats and cheeses.