Explore Vacuum Chamber, Tray Sealer, Thermoforming & Flow Wrap Packaging Solutions

Stainless steel, easy to use vacuum chamber packaging machines for small to large processing operations.

Reepack is a leading manufacturer of Semi-Automatic and fully automatic tray sealing machines for Simple Sealing, MAP, or VSP. We work closely with customers on the best solution for their application needs, while also offering extensive customization possibilities.

Reepack thermoforming packaging machines offer a wide range of machines to meet individual customer requirements. These flexible and high performance machines are capable of forming and sealing both flexible and rigid films; utilizing different technologies, such as Vacuum, MAP, and VSP.

Discover our line of horizontal flow wrap packaging machines; rotary motion, long-dwell, box motion, and 4-side seal.

Dosing units, Tray de-nesters, Snap-on lidding systems, and more equipment options to complete Reepack packaging machinery for an integrated packaging line.