Ossid and Reepack Demonstrate Their Produce Packaging Solutions at the 2023 Global Produce & Floral Show

set 26, 2023

Ossid’s comprehensive line of produce packaging machines, including its proven 500Si High-Speed Stretch Overwrapper that produces up to 120 packages per minute, will be on display in booth No. 3105 at the 2023 Global Produce & Floral Show, October 19-21, at the Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California.

Ossid, a ProMach brand, is the premier manufacturer of sustainable, efficient tray packaging, flow wrapping, and horizontal form fill seal machinery. Additionally, Ossid is the North American master distributor of Italian-based Reepack, a ProMach brand. This partnership completes Ossid’s breadth of product, enabling it to consultatively recommend the best solution to its customers by directing them to the package style that best fits their applications and production goals.

Ossid 500Si High-Speed Stretch Overwrapper

Looking for tightly wrapped trays accomplished at high speeds? Then be sure to see Ossid’s 500Si High-Speed Stretch Overwrapper, which produces tightly wrapped, PVC case ready packaging at speeds of up to 120 trays per minute, during the Global Produce & Floral Show. The 500Si can handle a variety of eco-friendly film and tray materials. The 500Si is a tuck and fold machine that uses a gripper chain system to stretch the film evenly to produce tightly wrapped packages. Tuck and fold film is ideal for a variety of fruit and vegetable packaging applications.

The 500Si is easier to operate and maintain than other overwrap packaging machines thanks to servo-driven technology and microprocessors that reduce downtime and maintenance. The machine’s small footprint makes it ideal for space-constrained environments, and its hygienic design is augmented by sloped panels that eliminate standing water. The machine also does not require air or water utilities for operation. Additionally, users can achieve higher line efficiencies when pairing the 500Si with an Ossid Print and Apply Labeler.

Show attendees will see the 500Si demonstrating its capabilities of running sustainable trays and recyclable film while integrated with an Ossid high speed print and apply labeler.

Reepack ReeEco Tray Sealing Machine

The ReeEco Tray Sealing Machine is a high-quality, energy-efficient unit that’s housed in a compact footprint for Ambient, MAP, and VSP applications. It features a standard infeed conveyor with three loading positions, easy changeover, automatic output belt conveyor, and a user-friendly control panel.

At the show, the ReeEco Tray Sealing Machine will be flexing its strengths in a salad bowl lidding demonstration.

Reepack ReeFlow 50 Flow Wrapper

Looking to see how you can run trayless packaging for your produce? Ossid’s Reepack ReeFlow 50 Flow Wrapper is your answer!

The Reepack ReeFlow 50 flow wrapper is a perfect solution to run trayless produce packaging as it can handle a wide variety of products with different films. The ReeFlow 50 is available in standard or wide widths and top or bottom sealing configurations. It can produce up to 250 packages per minute, has a compact footprint to fit into tight spaces, and its stainless steel design is perfect for washdown environments.

To see how these four machines from Ossid can help streamline your produce packaging line to operate more efficiently and ecologically, visit booth No. 3105 at the 2023 Global Produce & Floral Show.

A proposito di Reepack

Reepack è un produttore leader di macchinari per il confezionamento flessibile e in vaschetta di alta qualità, tra cui confezionatrici sottovuoto, termosigillatrici semi-automatiche e automatiche, termoformatrici e confezionatrici orizzontali. Ciascuna delle nostre linee di prodotti dispone di una gamma completa di modelli per rispondere alle diverse esigenze, dimensioni e forme di confezioni, consentendoci di servire un'ampia gamma di aziende operanti nel settore alimentare, medicale, dei beni di consumo e dei componenti industriali. Le nostre tecnologie di confezionamento preservano e proteggono i prodotti in modo trasversale lungo l’intera catena del confezionamento primario.

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