Dosing Units

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A wide Custom-built solutions both integrated in packaging line as well as stand-alone models to satify any need.

Metering units suitable for measuring out with accuracy inside any preformed tray Hot and Cold liquids, high texture products, pastry creams, homogeneous or texture products with broken pieces.
The working of the machine is based on volumetric dosage and the operation made pneumatically or with servo-system.

Possible configuration and features

  • Single or multiple measuring units to be integrated on our automatic lines
  • Brushless motor-driven metering machines, HMI controller to record recipes
  • Valves and special nozzles
  • Fully Stainless steel machines, washable with C.I.P. systems
  • Nozzles with up/down movement system
  • Distribution nozzles
  • Insulated tanks, with a mixing system and several heating outputs

Possible products and our work experience :

Sauces and various gravies - purees and various pates - Mixes for cakes and pastries - Vegetable Soups - Honey - Jams, even with pieces - Mushrooms - Water, oil and other liquids - stews of meat, even with pieces that are 30x30 mm -- chocolate creams - soups and broths – ricotta and mascarpone cheese, yogurt, milk - Russian salads and Capricciosa - Syrups - fruit juices and mousse - juice, pulp and tomato paste - Jellies - Spinach and cooked vegetables.