Long-Dwell Motion System

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The ReeFlow 200 is the horizontal flow wrapper for fresh food in modified atmosphere (MAP) offering high production capacity.
The machine is equipped with the newest generation of Long Dwell sealing head powered by one brushless motor. This technology provides flexibility and guarantee quality hermetic seals, available with film reel holder unwinding from the top and bottom, exist in standard and Wider version.

The construction is fully in stainless steel and on a cantilevered frame. The high degree of protection combined with the design made to easily disassembled every parts for sanitisation make the Reeflow 200 the ideal flow-wrapper for the meat, cheese and fresh food industry.

User friendly, designed to improve the operation and facilitate the work of the operator and maintenance, reduce the installation’s TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and increase the return on your investment by lowering maintenance cost as well as optimizing changeover and sanitization time.

Accurate and flexible, made to handle the widest variety of products and wrapping materials. The Programmable Logic Control (PLC) synchronise all the movements from the infeed conveyor, the film unwinding and the sealing devices.
Equipped with a large coloured touch-screen interface on lever arm, to set every single parameters and save up to 100 different personalized programs. The software is protected by four levels of access, each with a password.

Manually loaded or integrated in a fully automatised packing line, the Reepack Reeflow 200 machines provide the best class operational cost to our customers.