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Tray Sealer Machines

ReeMaster 1000 IN-LINE machine for high-performance.

Machine suitable with wider die than the RMR800 so that it can process large products and large batches.
One or two-tracks inline trays can be configurable and a positioning system TPS (Patented Reepack) allows to pack up to 6 trays in two lines.
The die is loaded and unloaded by trays with an automatic transfer done by suitable grippers which lock the trays. The grippers movement is precisely defined in HMI and due to the servo motor drive ensure a secure transfer of filled trays. Finally an automatic discharge double belts with differenced speed allows the tray output in one line at the time, suitable for labelling and weighing.
A wide range of equipments to add in options allow the RMR 1000 to be easily integrated in a food processing line. The IN-LINE design allows 360° access to all machine components and tooling, allowing easy maintenance and cleaning. Stainless steel washdown construction providing the highest level of sanitization.

Available for M.A.P and Vacuum Skin packages with preformed trays of almost any size, quality or shape.

ReeMaster 1000

Altura da máquina: 2015 mm

Largura da máquina: 1050 ÷1470 mm

Comprimento da máquina: 7100 ÷ 10100 mm

Comprimento da esteira de alimentação : 2000÷ 5000 mm

Area livre de carga: 1300 ÷4300 mm

Numero de bandejas para carga: 3÷25

Altura da area de carga: 920 ÷ 980

Principal movimento da máquina: Servo-Drivers

Microprocessador: PLC-Siemens

Painel de controle: Tela táctil

Bomba de vacuo: 200 - 300 - 600 m3/ h

Consumo eletrico: 3 / N / PE 400V AC 50 Hz

Potencia instalada: 30kW

Ar comprimido: S=0 MAP=0

Construção geral: Aço inoxidável


Fotocelula para filme impresso

Filtro de liquido e pó

Suporte para codificador

Ampliação da esteira de entrada

Esteira de alimentacao automatica

Indexador de 2 a 1 linha

Desempilhador de bandejas

Recravo de aluminio

Unidade para aplicação de tampa

Unidade de vibração

Fornecimento eletrico especial

Controle e link para conectar ao equipamento

Conexão a central de vacuo

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