Automatic tray sealer SINGLE DIE_SET
suitable for Industrial use

Multi line tray loading conveyor from 1 to 6 tracks. Tray transport driven by pushing rods guided on both side by chain, step by step movement, gentle and controlled until the defined die-set position.
Driven motors and electrical die-set up and down motion suitable for a fast and efficient pack output.
Stainless steel frame offering high protection and optimum hygienic conditions.
Perfect solution for packaging foodstuff, medical & pharma products and general Goods.

Machine need a little of air pressure so that a good saving in energy and in the general maintenance give a good return of the investment.

ReeMatic 150

Machine height: 1815 mm

Machine width: 1040 mm

Machine length: 3195 ÷ 6820 mm

infeed conveyor length: 1000 ÷ 4000 mm

Length free loading area: 1285 ÷ 3940 mm

No. of trays to load: 2 ÷ 8

Height free loading area: 915 - 960 mm

Max diameter web roll: 280 mm

Diameter of web roll mandrel: 76 mm(3'')

Machine main movements: Electromechanical

Microprocessor Control: PLC-Siemens

Control panel: Touch-screen

Vacuum pump: 100 - 200 - 300 m3/ h

Electrical supply: 3 / N / PE 400V AC 50 Hz

Electrical power: Min. 4 Kw Max 11 Kw

Compressed Air: 7 Nl / c.

Overall Construction: Stainless-Steel / Edelstahl


Automatic out-feed conveyor (Standard)

Photocell for printed film

Liquid filter and powder

Support for film printing device

Special carrier rods for tray

Extension for infeed belt

Conveyer conveying in 1 lane

Tray de-nester

Snap on lid unit

Vibrating unit

Different electrical supply

Control and link to external equipment

Connection for centalized vacuum system

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