New ReeFlow 50

28 January 2021

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New ReeFlow 50

Discover our brand new machine design, coming from a 20-year experience design in the field. The perfect match between Hygienics, Ergonomics, Safety, and Performance.

We are glad to introduce the new entry level flow wrapper from Reepack: The Reeflow 50.
Made to pack a large range of products and able to process various qualities of wrapping material.

Each session will last approximately 1.5 hours. And during that time, we will give you a complete overview of the equipment and run live demonstrations.

Industry 4.0 Remote Platform

Transform your performance by giving your operations teams extraordinary capabilities to see, understand and act in real time.

discover reenext

Live Data

Streams industrial data into ReeNEXT enabling real-time analytics.


Users have an innovative dashboard with real-time visibility into production status.

  • Production Status
  • Production Time Lot
  • Machine Data
  • O.E.E.
  • Real Time Alarms


Control consumption of machine and product with datastream telemetry and real time notifications.

  • Live data for any machine sensor
  • Energy Consumption
  • Product Consumption
  • Real Time notifications


Manage machines with predictable and predictive operations.


ReeNext provides real-time visibility life and actual status of critical components.

  • Condition-based monitoring
  • Complete control of all machine components
  • Hystorical maintenance monitoring
  • Manuals or Video to solve problems


Plan your production: create order and lot in a simple and fast way.


Manage your production batch and orders directly on ReeNEXT.

  • Plan orders
  • View real-time production
  • View closed orders with costs
  • View list of jobs of any machine
  • Real time O.E.E.

Data Analysis

Analyze costs and consumption.


Whole machine and product consumption with an analytics view of all in a specific time-period.

  • Analytics view of costs
  • Costs for Recipe, machine and process
  • Personalized centre of cost
  • Data Export








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