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Our training experts give you everything you need to know about individual components and the way your packaging machine works.
You will get important suggestions for troubleshooting simply and quickly. Our training steps are scheduled in the following modules:

Operation & Safety

In this section you will be trained on the safety installations and possible danger areas of the machines.You will learn step-by-step how to keep a Reepack machine in working order:

  • Switching the machine on correctly

  • Loading of the film

  • Loading of the tray on in-feed part

  • Adjusting the tray motion

  • Sealing adjusting

  • Vacuum and gas settings

  • Machine program routine

With focused hints and tips, you will be able to avoid incorrect settings and recognize faults.
For machine operators, operating staff, mechanics and maintenance personnel

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"It is what we know already that often prevents us from learning"

Claude Bernard


This section provides comprehensive information about all electrical components of the Reepack machines:

    • Operations and features of the PLC controls

    • Motors and controls: asynchronous and synchronous motors

    • Heating regulation

    • Diagnosis and repairing faults in controls and modules

All machine components are explained, from the construction and operation of a three-phase motor in our AC drive, to the digital Servo drive. The course participants work on special test installations of the relevant equipment and repair simulated faults.
For technicians and maintenance staff

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This module focuses on the mechanical components. It explains the various possible settings, as well as how to activate and maintain the components. The training units are as follows:

    • Film feed system

    • Lifting units

    • Mold

    • Cutting unit

    • Chain and advance units

Course participants practice on lifting units from all models and learn the correct way to inspect, maintain, set up and activate the equipment, working hands-on with the machinery.
For technicians and maintenance staff

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This course module teaches maintenance personnel about the parts of the Reepack machine that use compressed air:

    • Detailed explanation of the sealing process

    • Vacuum and gas process

    • Function of the individual valve and cylinder

    • Reading the pneumatics diagrams correctly

Cutaway models, diagrams and practical exercises clarify the procedures for the Reepack machine dies. Course participants learn how the individual components interact, which is the best preparation for efficient fault diagnosis and repair.
For maintenance personnel

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