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9 min 54 sec

Luca Milanesi - Reepack Area Manager

Our ReeForm machines are suitable in different lenght and configuration in order to meet all requirements of the different food producer around the world. Watch the video and discover our thermoforming machines.

Reeflow 150 BMT

Flow Wrap

4 min 11 sec

Luca Milanesi - Reepack Area Manager

Reepack introduce his new of Flow-wrap machine with Box-Motion system called Reeflow 150 BMT.
BMT mean box-motion with film from top. Discover all the details!


Tray Sealer

5 min 57 sec

Luca Milanesi - Reepack Area Manager

ReeEco is the smartest way to bring your mid-size tray lid production to the automated packaging world!
Discover the best combination between compact design, low cost of ownership, and flexibility.

ReeMatic 250/16

Tray Sealer

4 min 30 sec

Luca Milanesi - Reepack Area Manager

In this video we will see the Reematic 250/16 with its ultimate and innovative configuration for a perfect Vacuum Skin Packaging of protruding products on a flat, recyclable cardboard.

BT vacuum belt machine

Vacuum Chamber

5 min 43 sec

Luca Milanesi - Reepack Area Manager

Reepack's BT product line is the top-of-the-range for vacuum chamber machines.
Watch the video to know all the features of this line.

ReeTray 30

Tray Sealer

2 min 59 sec

Luca Milanesi - Reepack Area Manager

Reetray 30 is a semi-automatic machine with the right flexibility and performance for every food makers or producers.
Discover all the details ot this reliable machine!

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