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Tray Sealer Machines

The biggest semiautomatic machine in the market, allows to pack big container in MAP.

Able to pack trays with a maximum dimension of 590 x 390 mm (1 cavity) or 285 x 390 mm (2 cavities)and maximum depth 130mm.
Provided with a vacuum pump by 100 cbm ensures a good time cycle in according to the big packaging size.

User-friendly HMI controller permits to set and record different programs, as for :
- Vacuum and Gas processing
- Inert gas over-pressure
- Multi-cycle Vacuum and Gas

An automatic lifting system enables to take out the tray packed in a easy way pushing it on a roll conveyor out from the machine.

The machine is particularly attractive for its specific market share.

ReeTray 200 Jumbo

Overall dimensions: 2290 x 1360 x 1870 mm

Weight: Ca. 500 Kg

Max tray dimensions: 590 x 390 mm

Max tray depth: 130 mm

Max diameter of film roll: 250 mm

Max width of film sealing: 460 mm

Diameter of film support shaft: 70 - 76 mm

Vacuum pump: 100 m3/ h

Electrical supply: 3 / N / PE 400V AC - 50 Hz(Different kinds of electrical supply by request.)

Power consumption: Min. 4 KW - max. 9,5 KW

Machine capacity cycles: 2 - 6 ciclos / min. (Cycle speed depending on: material quality of tray and film web, tray size, product to pack and general machine configuration.)

Compressed air: 6 bar - 25 Nl / c

Photocell centering for printed film

Liquid filter and powder

Possible Applications

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