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Tray Sealer Machines

Automatic tray sealer SINGLE DIE-SET suitable for both artisanal and industrial productions.

Ideal for vacuum skin packaging applications on flat cardboards, the ReePro features a built-in pre-heating station, active film tensioning device, and a special rapid-vacuum system. This machine is also suitable for packaging fresh or frozen food, and ready-meals in pre-formed trays of any material; for ambient sealing, modified atmosphere (MAP), or vacuum skin (VSP) applications.

Single or Multi-lane infeed conveyor. Tray transport by pushing rods guided on both sides by motor-driven chains. Step by step movement with controlled speed to adapt to any type of tray, specific product, or production environment.

Electrical motion of bottom vacuum chamber combined with pneumatic sealing and cutting in the upper part for the most efficient and reliable packaging output with the lowest maintenance cost on the market.

Robust stainless steel frame and structure for high machine durability and ideal hygienic conditions. Overall rating IP 65.

ReePRO consumes very little compressed air saving you money in both power consumption and general maintenance; and thus, increasing return on investment.


Machine height: ca. 1774 mm

Machine width: ca. 1024 mm

Machine length: ca. 3692 mm

infeed conveyor length: 1000 mm

Length free loading area: 1192 mm

No. of trays to load: 5 for trays / 2 for cardboards

Height free loading area: 880 ÷ 920 mm

Max diameter web roll: 300 mm

Diameter of web roll mandrel: 76 mm (3")

Machine main movements: Electromechanical

Microprocessor Control: PLC-Siemens

Control panel: Touch-screen

Vacuum pump: 100 - 200 - 300 m3/ h

Electrical supply: 3/N/PE 400V AC 50 Hz

Electrical power: Max 11 Kw / 27 A

Compressed Air (6 BAR): 7 Nl / c.

Overall Construction: Stainless-Steel and Aluminium

Machine production speed: Up to 15 cycles / min.**

Possible Applications

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