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Tray Sealer Machines

Automatic tray sealer TWIN DIE_SET
suitable for High-performance in Industrial use

Multi line tray loading conveyor from 1 to 6 tracks. Tray transport driven by pushing rods guided on both side by chain, double movement or step by step gentle and controlled until the defined die-set position.
Driven motors and electrical die-set up and down motion suitable for a fast and efficient pack output.
ReeMatic 250 can be equipped with various modules and expanded into automatic lines.

The main features:
- Increased performances overall and optimization of synchronization with other equipment
- An Excellent Hygienic Design thanks to the completely new housing together both the inclined surface never in contact with each other for fast liquids’ evacuation and the reduction of the external screws
- Total interchangeability of the existing die sets and equipment with previous series
- A performance of 17 cycles per minute* (only with sealing) thanks to the fully electric leverage system
- A performance of 10-12 cycles per minute* ( with MAP configuration) when equipped with a either 200 or 300 m3/h vacuum pump and a gas system

Machine need a little of air pressure so that a good saving in energy and in the general maintenance give a good return of the investment.

ReeMatic 250

Machine height: 1910 mm

Machine width: 1110 mm

Machine lenght: 6350÷ 7165mm

Free Loading area for tray : 3000 ÷ 4000 mm

Free loading position: 9÷12

Tray index: 317.5 mm / 254 mm / 190.5 mm

Height of loading conveyor: 915 - 960 mm

Double Chamber Movement: Electro-Mechanical Servodrive

Vacuum pump: 100 - 200 - 300 m3/ h

Electrical supply: 3 / N / PE AC 400 V 50 Hz

Power Consumption: Up to 14 Kw

Compressed Air: 8 Nl / c.

Overall Construction: Stainless-Steel



Different electrical supply

Control and link to external equipment

Connection for centralized vacuum system


Photocell for printed film

Liquid filter and powder

Support for film printing device

Special carrier rods for tray

Possible Applications

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