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ReeForm E10

Vacuum Skin Packaging on formable paper film

ReeForm E10 model is a compact thermoforming machines for small & medium production output, able to pack in Vacuum, MAP or VSP a wide range of products.

With its ultimate configuration, the ReeForm E10 machine guarantees a perfect Vacuum Skin Packaging on a paper formable film, FSC certified and recyclable with paper.  

Key Features

  • Overall and Hygienic Design Machines frame in stainless steel for an easy sanitization in wash down environment
  • Environmental friendly Thanks to a special mechanical solution, the paper bottom film can be separated from plastic and managed in a different way
  • Easy maintenance An open frame enables to go through all the parts of the machines for checking and maintenance. Equipment System well tidy into the machine frame and protected from any damage
  • Electrical Power Machine only needs air pressure for forming and sealing. Processing stations are all electric in motion, so that a good saving in energy and little maintenance
  • Machine Control An user-friendly control panel introduce the operators with an easy setting and recording of different programs, programmable movements result in a maximum flexibility with respect to the different formats and products

Fully separation of paper and plastic

By the addition of a special mechanical solution, Reepack is able to recover paper bottom film after the cutting process, allowing its fully separation from top plastic film, for a better waste management.
This solution is composed by three main tools: a Film Re-Winding system, a Film Cutting system and a Waste Drawer Collector.

Vacuum Skin Packaging on formable paper film

ReeNEXT Ready

ReeNEXT allows to monitor every packaging line parameter permitting to read it from the machine and also to transfer data to the packaging line.

It offers a wide range of tools, including Real time monitoring, Data analysis for consumption of energy and consumable material, Predective maintenance, tracking and tracing of your products.

Technical data

Machine length  max 3900 mm
Machine width  max 1070 mm
Machine height  1700 mm
Cut-off length  240 mm
Bottom film width   320 mm 
Product Loading area  600 - 720 - 810 - 600
Free position  3-3-3-2
Thermoforming depth  Max. 100 mm
Machine cycle  From 4 to 8 Cycles / min.
Air pressure  6-10 bar (600-1200 Nl / min.)
Power consumption  8-18 kW
Water consumption  50-80 L / h - 1,5-2,5 bar (18-22°C)
Enclosure rating  IP 65
Weight  1000-1200 kg

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