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HFFS - ReeFlow 4S


Flow-wrap machine ReeFlow 4S introduces an innovative solution offering quality, performance, efficient and an environmental friendly package.
ReeFlow 4S presents a unique way to process different sliced portion of products and its four-sides sealing technology allow to achieve highest performance revolutionizing the concept of fresh products packed in Modified Atmosphere packs (MAP).

Compared to a thermoforming machine, ReeFlow 4S has greater flexibility due to the possibility of customizing the size of the pack without changing its format.

Key Features

  • Efficient & Sustainable Reduction startup costs* and minimal use and waste of packaging materials. Also noteworthy the high reduction of gas consumption (in MAP). *Compared to same capacity thermoforming machine.
  • Synchronization with any industrial slicer The integrated 700 mm flat belt infeed conveyor allows phasing of the product incoming directly from the slicer's belt.
  • Environmental friendly Minimal use and waste of packaging material for a more sustainable packaging, and reduced consumption in fact the machine is completely electric.
  • User-friendly The touch-screen display gives the operator an advanced, easy-to-use and complete software - made in Reepack. The wide range of parameters allows to set the machine as preferred - ex. Decididing bag length, speed & gas levels.

Synchronization with any industrial slicer

The product is loaded directly from the slicer on the machine integrated infeed and driven between 4 couples of sealing wheels for longitudinal sealing and finally closed transversally by a patented cut & seal system. 

Longitudinal Sealing & Cut

4 couples of hot sealing rolls with pattern diamond texture. The width of the package can be easily adjusted by means of two rotatory handles fixed on the machine's front side. The two handles display their actual position.

Once sealed laterally, tha package is cut on both sides throughout a squeezing cutting device and the extra film is sucked into special tubes connected to the suction unit for disposal.

Transversal Sealing & Cut

Planet-gear motion system

This Reepack patented cut&seal system features a planet-gear movement that allows high production speeds still guaranteeing the hermetical closure of the bag. Especially, the output efficiency increases when working in Modified Atmosphere (MAP) - compared to the classic box motion.

Fixed & variable product lenght

ReeFlow 4S is able either to seal printed film with always the same bag length or to adapt its speed according to the length of the product, thus closing different bag lengths without stopping nor requiring parameters change

The best solution for ready-sliced food

The “4Slice” project with ReeFlow 4S consists in the idea of combining our flow wrapping technology with a particular application within the food industry: the mono-portion packs of sliced meat or cheese in modified atmosphere.

Benefits for the consumer:
• Ideal for meat, fish, cheese and much more
• Easy-opening cutting profile
• Quick to use and dispose 
• Healthy take-away solution 
• Low-cost & eco-friendly packages 
• Sustainable package-product ratio

Sliced Turkey in Modified Atmosphere (MAP)

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