3 Machine in 1 for sealing & M.A.P. in less than 3 meters.

A fully automatic Tray Sealer dedicated to supermarkets store and GDO.
ReeMarket is the perfect solution to pack different portions of fresh food in different tray-format shelves.

ReeMarket is a fully automatic tray sealer able to swicth from each format to another one without any mechanical changes using a single width film reel. ReeMarket length is less than 3 meters and work only with eletrical supply.

Key Features

  • Machine frame In stainless steel with panels easy to remove and glass open doors.
  • 3 indipendent Chambers With dedicated die set each format
  • No compressed air needed Only power and gas connection
  • Control panel Activation/Deactivation by PLC for each independent chamber
  • In line mechanic infeed with pushers Easy to clean with high pressure
  • Silent and quite working Perfect for a supermarket

Size Change

In less than one minute, managed by touch-screen, without change die-set & automatic film positioning.

GREAT ATTENTION has been given to the safety of operator and machine.

Touch Screen

Control Panel focused on quality and Reepack Style and Design.

Three independent chambers with separate control, five different receipts forr each size.


Technical data

Machine height  1905 mm
Machine width  1337 mm
Machine lenght  2946 mm
Infeed Conveyor lenght  1810 mm
Lenght free loading area  550 mm (extension as optional)
No. of tray to load  1
Height free loading area  880 - 910 mm
Max diameter of web roll  250 mm
Diameter of web roll mandrel  76 mm (3")
Vacuum pumo available  40 m3/h
Electrical supply  3 / N /PE AC 400 V 50Hz 
Optional  Liquid filter and powder
Photocel for printed film 
Different electrical supply

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