ReeMaster 200

The last innovative solution for M.A.P., sealing and Lid-foil clipping.

  • CSVG: Version of Lid-Foil clipping and Sealing + M.A.P.: the basic machine is the same and easy die set change allows to take the choice between Mechanical closure and Sealing and M.A.P. . The film unwinding is 90°. 
  • SVG: Version for M.A.P. + Sealing: Film unwinding in the same direction of trays. Mechanical closure is not allowed.
The new machine follow the same Hygienic Design Concept bringing a very compact yet easily accessible machine at the same time.
The electrical movement of the machine and the integrated TPS ( Tray Position System) permit to obtain both a high sealing force and a fast movement if the chamber.

Key Features

  • Overall stainless steel construction and the hygienic design Makes ReeMaster 200 incredibily robust and sanitizing all over
  • Electrical power The main power of the machine are made possible trough an elettric power uo to 6 KW given by servo drivers.
  • Touch screen display New Control Panel touch screen 10 on pivot arm with 15 programs. The user friendly interface help the operator to work easily and autonomously. 
  • Electrical cabinet on the top All the electrical components are secured in the stainless steel cabinet installed on the top of the machine with an easy access from both sides.
  • Sliding doors With a safety switch opening on both sides for complete access to machine and die set.
  • TPS System (Patented by Reepack) The integrated Tray Positioning System is an electromechanical system for a quick, precise and continuos placement of the trays inside chamber.

Mechanical Closure

  • A top web of packaging material as aluminium foil can be closed mechanically rolling it aroud the tray rim by a sophisticated fastening system. 
  • This packaging look is mostly used in the Air catering flight and delicatessen.
  • Different kind trays can be achieved for the most varied offers.
  • In Multi-compartment trays, the way between the different compartments can be closed using and additional system. (fig. 1)
  • Aluminum foil can be printed before the mechanical closure process by a dedicated mold with the personalization required. (fig. 2)

Film Unwinding 90°

  • The film tensioning is constant in all width.
  • The operations of fill roll change are easier because the reel is at the floor level and not in top position.
  • The film holding device is an independent trolley which can be moved out of the machines during sanitizing.
  • The User can but a Jumbo reel.

ReeMaster Line

Technical data

Machine height  1905 mm
Machine width  900 mm ( SVG) / 1325 mm (CSVG) 
Machine lenght  4150 ÷ 7150 mm
Moduls of Infeed Conveyor  2000 ÷ 5000 mm
Height free loading area  920 ÷ 970
Machine main movments  Servo-drivers
Microprocessor control  PLC-Siemens
Control Panel  Touch Screen 10’
Vacuum Pump  100 - 200 - 300 m3/h or centralized system
Electrical supply  3/N/PE 400V AC 50Hz
Electrical power  Up to 6 kW
Compressed Air  Sealing= 0 M.A.P. = 1,2 Crimping= 0,1 NI/c.
Overall construction  Stainless Steel

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