Reeclose 100 is the smallest of the range.

Machine very compact in his overall sizes with a good performance.
Machine is availble for the sealing of the trays and also for crimping aluminium foil on tray with an easy tool changeover.

Made completly in stainless steel for easy sanitation in wash down environments. Production out-put from 8 up to 34 tray/minute according to the kind of process and tray format size.

ReeClose 100

Machine height: 2080 - 2130

Machine width: 1085

Machine lenght: 3750 mm-4750 mm-5750 mm-6750 mm

Infeed conveyor length : 2 m-3 m-4 m-5 m

Lenght free loading area (Depending on the machine equipment):1,5 m 2,5 m 3,5 m 4,5 m

No. of trays to load: 5 9 13 17

Chain index: 254 mm (10”)

Height free loading area: From 920 up to 970 mm

Tray Out-feed convejor: Standard

Machine main movements: Servo-drives

Microprocessor Control: PLC-Siemens

Control panel: Touch-screen

Electrical supply: 3 / N / PE AC 400 V 50 Hz (Depending on the machine equipment)

Electrical power: 5,4 Kw (Depending on the machine equipment)

Compressed Air: 6 bar [Mechanical Closing = 0,1 Nl / c. - Sealing = 0, MAP = 1,2 Nl/c.]

Overall Construction: Stainless-Steel

Machine weight: 500 Kg (Depending on the machine equipment)


Cavity number: 1 (1+1) 1 o 2 (2+2)

General contruction: Aluminium Anodized anticorodal (Available in Staniless steel on request)

Sealing Plate: Teflon Coated

Film cutting: Cutting unit device according tray profile

Max tray dimension: 1 tray - 190 x 260 mm

Trays height: From 20 mm up to 100 mm


Crimping alu foil: SI / YES /JA

Only Sealing: SI / YES /JA

MAP process: YES VacPump 100 - 200 - 300 m3/ h

Machine cycles: From 8 up to 34 by minutes (Machine system=MAP= from 8 up to 20 cycle/min-Only sealing=from 15 up to 30 cycle/min Mechanical closing== from 25 up to 45 cycle/min.

Cycle speed depending on: material quality of tray and film web, tray size, product to pack and general machine configuration)


Top web for trays: 250 mm-250 mm-76 mm

Film quality: Heat-sealable upper web according the tray quality

Tray quality: Pre-formed and sealable trays made in mono or multi-layer films. Including foam plastic, board and aluminium trays


Photocell for printed film

Liquid filter and powder

Support for film printing device


Extension for infeed belt

Conveyer conveying from max 2 lanes to 1 lane

Tray de-nester

Crimping alu foil

Vibrating unit


Different electrical supply

Control and link to external equipment

Connection for centalized vacuum system

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