The automatic machine in the range for sealing preformed trays available with vacuum and M.A.P. system devices.

Designed for medium industrial purposes, packaging in line from 1 to 4 according tray dimensions. High performance and flexibility are due to the optional equipment available and due to the fast mould change.

Stainless steel frame offering high protection against rust and optimum hygienic conditions, operating with PLC programmable with 15 different programs storage.

ReeMatic 150

Machine height: 1815 mm

Machine width: 1040 mm

Machine length: 3195 ÷ 6820 mm

infeed conveyor length: 1000 ÷ 4000 mm

Length free loading area: 1285 ÷ 3940 mm

No. of trays to load: 2 ÷ 8

Height free loading area: 915 - 960 mm

Max diameter web roll: 280 mm

Diameter of web roll mandrel: 76 mm(3'')

Machine main movements: Electromechanical

Microprocessor Control: PLC-Siemens

Control panel: Touch-screen

Vacuum pump: 100 - 200 - 300 m3/ h

Electrical supply: 3 / N / PE 400V AC 50 Hz

Electrical power: Min. 4 Kw Max 11 Kw

Compressed Air: 7 Nl / c.

Overall Construction: Stainless-Steel / Edelstahl


Automatic out-feed conveyor (Standard)

Photocell for printed film

Liquid filter and powder

Support for film printing device

Special carrier rods for tray

Extension for infeed belt

Conveyer conveying in 1 lane

Tray de-nester

Snap on lid unit

Vibrating unit

Different electrical supply

Control and link to external equipment

Connection for centalized vacuum system

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