Remote industrial control platform, multi access, multi task and cloud storage.

REENEXT: Reepack's answer to Industry 4.0 in food packaging

REENEXT is the innovative Reepack Platform created as a standard application of the W-NEXT project. The focus in on food packaging machines and processes in order to:

  • MONITOR AND OPTIMIZE the manufacturing processes through SCADA systems - Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition - for data acquisition and processing on machine level and/or data production line through Big Data Analytics techniques that allow prediction of events and forecasts of results.
  • INTEGRATE similar and/or heterogeneous production systems for information and data sharing, horizontally and vertically, involving all actors in the production process.
  • ARCHIVE informationrelated to the activity and process of the machine and characterized by complex structures of data on local databases and cloud mirroring, through cyber security techniques.
  • PLAN NEW PRODUCTION PROCESSES through a simulation environment that emulates different dynamics on both a machine and process level
  • PLAN ACTIVITIES of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance based on Technical Story Boards tracked through a realistic wear and tear analysis of devices and equipment

REENEXT: The Architecture

REENEXT: The main features

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